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Gift ideas for new mums

Gift ideas for new mums

Recently, a friend of ours had a new baby and due to some complications, they ended up staying in hospital. Both Mum and baby are absolutely fine now and home happily. However, to cheer them up whilst they were in hospital, we sent them some of our favourite gifts. This week she wrote to us to say…

“Thank you so much for the wonderful pressies you sent me whilst we were in hospital. The kimono was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for wearing on the ward and the iPad stand was fab for when I was able to catch up on a bit of TV. Everyone commented on what thoughtful gifts they were – so lovely to have something for me that was useful, yet really gorgeous. Thank you!”

Such a nice thank you letter – we love getting feedback but when it’s as nice as that, it really is super. Anyway, it got us thinking about what our top 10 gifts would be for new mums facing an unexpected stay in hospital. If you know anyone that might need cheering up in hospital, we hope they give you some inspiration. 

  1. Cosy Mohair Bed Socks - Perfect for keeping cold feet snuggly when tip-toeing between your bed and the baby’s! Beautifully packaged and a real touch of luxury when everything else is sore, these socks will make new mum feel warm and loved from her head to her toes! .
  1. Huggable Tablet Stand - A very useful (and pretty!) huggable stand for watching films or TV, surfing the web and reading from the comfort of your bed. Ideal for the long baby feeding sessions or for those who are spending time recovering in bed. It’s really lightweight so great for those who have had c-sections and can’t carry or lift anything heavy.
  1. Cotton Wrap Kimono - Feel and look so much better than the harsh clinical hospital gowns. This lightweight breathable kimono is ideal for those hot hospital and maternity wards. When you miss all you home comforts, this is a perfect gift to feel a touch more feminine.
  1. Hush Vintage PJs - Many new mums feel sensitive or sore after having a baby, even having to undress can be tiring and challenging, especially on a busy ward. These beautiful PJ’s have a fronted top and are ideal for those who plan to breastfeed. They are super snuggly too. 

  2. Chocolate! - Keeping your strength up when tiredness sets in, those late night, mid-morning edible pick me ups are always a hit. Like it says on the bar “there is something good in every day” and this Luxury chocolate certainly is that.

  3. Luxury V-Shape Cushion – A great gift either before or after the baby is born. The cushion is firm enough and shaped appropriately to provide support needed for those struggling with late stage pregnancy, post-operative discomfort and for nursing a new-born. A pretty and multi-purpose gift. 

  4.  Daydream Sleep Mask and Ear Plug Set – An essential piece of kit for those who wish to get some sleep whilst on a busy hospital ward. With lights being switched on and off and noise from other patients, getting that all important rest whilst you can is a must.  

  5. Relaxing Pillow Spray – We can all recognise or know what a hospital smells like; pretty unpleasant. So why not replace that hospital odour with a calming scent. When all around you is chaos, lie back and enjoy this subtle and relaxing lavender aroma. Dreamy.

  6. Green & Spring Weekend Gift Set – This 100% natural gift set which comes in a  re-usable wash bag and is a perfect size for a short stay in hospital. If mum wasn't expecting to stay in for very long, she wont have many toiletries with her. Made by hand in the UK it makes a wonderful pampering gift for those in need of a little TLC. 

  7. Knitted Teddy Bear Kit – For those with a crafty streak. This lovely kit contains everything you need to make a gorgeous knitted bear. The knitting yarn comes in a soft cream and makes a cute cuddly teddy for either a baby boy or girl.

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