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Gift Box Subscription

Gift Box Subscription

When Not Another Bunch of Flowers was set up, I got lots of great feedback from people about our lovely presents, and how much people wanted to send thoughtful gifts to friends and family that were poorly. One of the things I started to notice was that people didn’t want to just send one gift as a one off when people were facing a long-term illness, they wanted to send something more regularly, especially for those suffering from cancer. This inspired our 'Gift Box Subscription' - ideal for those going through treatment to coincide with every chemotherapy session.

I love this idea as many people send tokens of their well-wishes when someone is first diagnosed with an illness. However, as treatment goes on and on and can get harder and harder, it is lovely to receive little treats to provide a little boost and act as a reminder that someone is thinking of you and is rooting for you.

This is a totally bespoke service, and, as with all our gifts, we really like to try and personalise the experience and help you make the best choice of present – what we recommend you do is tell us what your budget is, the number of gifts you’d like to send, the timings of the gifts (e.g. every fortnight, every month etc) and the reason for the gifts - chemo sessions, other treatment, long term illness or that you just want to send a regular reminder that you are thinking of them!

Each gift is gift wrapped with our usual love and attention and include a personal message. We really do pride ourselves on good customer service, so we will be in touch before each gift is dispatched to confirm dispatch and check what message you would like to include with it. We can also tweak the gifts as needed.

So, looking for inspiration on what you might include? We would suggest including both practical and pampering items and here are some ideas to start you thinking – but please do get in touch and ask us for ideas at, if you think the “Gift Box Subscription” is something you’d like to do.

Gift Box Subscription

1) Coz-E-Reader - for streaming movies and TV in comfort whether in hospital or at home in bed.

2) Beanie Rose and Queasy Pops - soft, cotton hat for hairloss (perfect as a sleep cap, a liner under hats or on its own) and some sweets to help ease nausea and cut through the disgusting taste chemo leaves in your mouth.

3) Vintage Floral Tips & Toes Kit - chemo can cause burns on your hands and feet and cause nails to fall off. It is important to keep them moisturised with natural toiletries.

4) Royal Marsden Cookbook - it is really difficult to know what to eat during treatment as there is so much conflicting advice. This book was put together by a cancer nutritionist and has recipes from famous chefs including Nigella, Mary Berry and Rick Stein. I have tried many of them out and they are yummy!

5) Some pretty pyjamas or a kimono for lounging around at home. A new crisp pair of pyjamas was such a treat when I was going through treatment and spending lots of time resting.

6) Defiant Beauty Facial Skincare Set - These products are specifically designed for people going through chemo and are totally natural and organic. Chemo is terribly drying and harsh on your skin, so it is important to adopt a good skincare regime with natural products.

7) Beefayre Bee Calm Bath & Body Set and a matching candle - for some much deserved natural pampering and to naturally aid rest and relaxation. She'll be at the end of her chemo treatment and it will have taken its toll, so lots of R&R will be on the cards. I loved a long relaxing candlelit bath during my treatment.

The cost of a “Gift Box Subscription” depends on the type and number of gifts you would like to send and how generous you are feeling! However, it is normally in the region of £150 for 6 gifts.

'My colleagues and I had a collection for a friend. Anikka has quite literally blown us away with the thoughtful, beautiful gifts and our friend receives a huge boost to her spirits as well as an awesome pressie. Would 100% recommend and use again and again. Thanks Anikka x' Amanda via Facebook.

'Jenny has been so touched by all of the gifts she received during her treatment. Thanks so much for making it so easy for us to show our support. We will be recommending you and will definitely use the service again in the future if any of our other colleagues or clients get sick.' Greg, London.

'We were going to send a massive hamper of gifts to our colleague at the start of her chemo, but were so glad to have found this suggestion. Much nicer for her to receive a little something from us each session. She was really pleased with everything especially the beanies and Queasy Drops.' Amanda, London.

'I felt so useless being so far away from my best mate when she's going through such a tough time. Thanks for all of your advice and help and for making it easy for me to show that I am constantly thinking of her.' Kristen, Australia.


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