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Lap Trays...

I've been looking at lap trays for a while. These mould to your lap and are super useful when lounging around in bed or on the sofa, at hospital and during long treatment sessions. I used mine to prop up my laptop and iPad while working, surfing or watching films - and also for balancing drinks and meals. They're also great if the patient is into any arts and crafts.

However, I am struggling to find any high quality trays. I've ordered quite a few samples and they all look so cheap and tacky - I wouldn't be happy giving any of them as a present - so I certainly wouldn't be happy giving them as a get well gift on someone's behalf. I have found a company in Latvia that makes bespoke lap trays and they are beautiful - but they are pretty expensive so I'm worried nobody would buy them.

Oh well, I'll keep looking! In the meantime, if you stumble across a high quality, pretty lap tray, let me know!

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