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Breast friends

Today I met with a group of my treatment buddies and they all agreed that they loved receiving flowers, but got sent too many. They too got sent many get well gifts that they weren't able to use and ended up giving them away. They all agreed that while it is fantastic to know people are thinking of you and rooting for you, now that we've been through it, we would all give more practical or pampering get well gifts to someone in our situation.

We had a good old natter over a coffee thinking of useful get well gifts we would now give to someone having been through it ourselves. I showed them the details of items I'd already got wholesale prices for - some of which they want to buy for themselves - and had a good brainstorming session over copious amounts of cake. It has left me with lots of ideas and lots of research to do. Thanks girls!

Brainstorming Cake

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