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Inspiration Awards For Women 2015...Most Inspirational Winner!

Inspiration Awards For Women 2015...Most Inspirational Winner!

Anikka thought she had got away with not telling you about this news, but the team at Not Another Bunch of flowers thought it was too big an achievement to not share with our friends and customers.

At the end of last year, Anikka won an award at the annual Inspiration Awards for Women 2015 – she won the “Most Inspirational” Award for not only for her personal story and fund-raising efforts but also for the creation and success of her business, Not Another Bunch of Flowers.

Inspirational Award

The awards ceremony was in London in December – and actually Anikka was so uncertain and shy about the nomination, that she nearly didn’t go. It also didn’t help that she had the worst case of food poisoning ever and spent most of the ceremony in the ladies’ toilets!!

But she won! And the girls at Not Another Bunch of Flowers are really proud of her which is why we wanted to share it with you – and to also say thank you to those of you who voted.

When asked how she felt, after winning the award, Anikka said: “I feel very honoured to have been even nominated for this award. If being ‘inspirational’ means that my story inspires others to realise that there can be a light at the end the end of the tunnel, then I am delighted.”

Inspiration Award

The awards are now in their fourth year and are supported by Breast Cancer Now, and aim to celebrate the achievements of women who inspire those around them, either through the media or through their astounding achievements in their everyday lives.

The award is currently sat on the team desk – it acts as a handy paperweight when wrapping pressies… it also reminds us not to eat a certain brand of fish dinner!!



Not Another Bunch of Flowers ( offers practical, suitable and alternative get-well gifts for anybody that has been unwell or required a stay in hospital. Gifts include jewellery, pampering products, pyjamas, hats and much more. If you would like to know more about Not Another Bunch of Flowers and Anikka’s story, please visit:

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