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Queasy Drops for Chemo Patients

Queasy DropsDuring chemo I came across these all natural and medication free drops. I had chemo every 2 weeks and for 10 of those 14 days I suffered really badly with nausea with a funny taste in my mouth. My favourites were the ginger queasy drops that really helped with my sickness and queasy tummy, and the natural sour raspberry that also helped with the nausea, but more importantly cut through the yucky taste that chemo leaves in your mouth.

There are other flavours including cinnamon, banana and green tea - but the ginger and sour raspberry drops were, for me, by far the most palatable and queasy-quenching when my tummy was feeling particularly delicate.

These are produced in the States and are not very common over here, but I think they would be a perfect (and very unique) get well gift for someone of any age and any sex starting chemo or other treatment that causes nausea, so I thought I would bundle them both up, tie them together with a pretty ribbon and see how they sell. I'd have really appreciated them at the beginning of my chemo - but I discovered them quite late. They're also quite different as they're not readily available over here - so would hopefully be appreciated as a get well gift.

Today I have been in touch with the producers in the States - - and hope to start buying them at wholesale prices and featuring them soon. 


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