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Pixie's Happy Bags

Pixie's Happy Bags

This afternoon I spoke to the lady behind Pixie's Happy Bags. They're going to be the perfect addition to the get well gift hampers as these little bags contain such a heartfelt and lovely message. They are made by a lady who was having treatment at the same time as me all proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. She charges nothing for the cost of making them and has been short-listed as Justgiving Fundraiser Of The Year having raised well over £10,000 for Cancer Research UK.

These little organza bags are delightful and each bag contains the following:

A Marble - for when you lose all of yours
A Piece of String - for when you can no longer hold it together
An Eraser - so you can rub out your mistakes and start your day over
A Teddy Bear - so you can always have a hug
A Coin - so you will never be broke
A Heart - so you always know someone loves you
A Butterfly - because life is beautiful yet fragile, so spread your wings and fly

They have a laminated tag that explains the contents. 

All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK.


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