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Could this be the first Get Well Gift of my portfolio?

Today I arranged a meeting with a lady who designed and makes this beautiful handmade eyemask, hot water bottle and ear plug set. How pretty? I'd be over the moon if someone bought me one of these as a present. They would make an excellent get well gift for anyone who appreciates there home comforts.

Eyemasks and earplugs are a must for patients as you often need to nap during the day - and often have to stay in hospital which can be particularly noisy (with not particularly nice noises...!) with lights being turned on and off all night. Most eye masks are ugly and uncomfortable whereas these are soft and gorgeous and block out all of the light.

Her family has also been affected by cancer so she was keen to meet up and discuss whether we might be able to work together and to see what my plans were for fundraising.

I hope she lets me feature these. I've fallen for them big time! I'll let you know in a few weeks...

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