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Turning the dream into reality

get well gifts cancer patient

Today I finally bit the bullet and decided to trial an idea I've had since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011.

When I was diagnosed I was sent bunch after bunch of flowers and get well gifts that I was unable to use due to ingredients that would clash with my medication or interact with my chemotherapy. It was so touching knowing that friends, family and colleagues were thinking of me and it really helped me get through the difficult days. One group of friends clubbed together and made me a get well hamper full of useful goodies and I couldn't help but think that there might be a market for get well gifts that have been selected to be OK for patients going through aggressive treatment regimens, making it easy for everyone to send a little something to show someone they care when they are going through a difficult illness. 

Now I need to find the products to sell! I know roughly what I want. Beautiful, luxurious, natural products that I would have loved during my treatment. I have a few products in mind and will update you as I add them to my portfolio.

The name was really difficult.  I spend a couple of weeks wrestling with a number of ideas, but was surprised as to how many domains were taken and how expensive those were that were for sale. So I did a little market research survey among my Facebook friends and family. Get Well Gifts was the first choice. But the domain was for sale for over £3,000 and I thought it was just a bit boring... Not Another Bunch Of Flowers was the second favourite option - and my personal favourite! It was derived from the thought process behind the business, so there's a story behind it. I want to encourage people not to say it with flowers like everyone else, but to send something more practical and lasting. So here it is.!

I hope that I will be able to make a living that will enable me to continue to do some volunteer work and also raise lots of funds for a number of cancer charities.

So today I signed up and hope to get my portfolio of products together and upload content onto the site over the next couple of months and be live in October...! Fingers crossed!


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