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The Easiest Way To Tie A Headscarf

The Easiest Way To Tie A Headscarf

When I was going through chemo I found it really hard to find pretty, contemporary headscarves to complement my outfits. However I found this fantastic video by EyelineHer which shows you how to tie normal scarves that you can buy in many high street shops - giving you a much wider choice. I tended to stick to pure cotton scarves as I suffered terribly from hot flushes during chemo and on Tamoxifen. I also made matching ties and experimented with layering different colours and patterns.

 When I started Not Another Bunch Of Flowers, one of the first things I sourced were a number of pretty cotton headscarves and made matching ties so they can be tied in a multitude of different styles. My light cotton beanies are also a great base layer for these scarves. To view my scarves and beanies, please click here.

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Sara - February 19, 2016

Very helpful – clear, easy to follow and final result is elegant.

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