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Breast Cancer Gift

Top Ten Gifts For Breast Cancer Patients

To go directly to our handpicked gifts for people going through breast cancer, based on our own personal experience of treatment and surgery, please click here

This list was put together by one of Team Netmums who is going through breast cancer and most items are available on Not Another Bunch Of Flowers. See the article here.

1. Pyjamas

Comfy pyjamas for hospital or for recovering at home are a really useful and comforting gift. If there is to be surgery involved try to look for front fastening ones. 

See our selection here.

2. Natural Beauty Products

Natural and paraben free handcreams, moisturisers and lip balms are all great gifts. 

See the Defiant Beauty products here. They were specifically formulated for cancer patients and are the most natural and organic products I have found. They work - and they smell lovely. One of my biggest treats during treatment was a bit of natural pampering. Massages and spas were not allowed, but a lovely bath with a natural oil and candles was my biggest treat.

Defiant Beauty

3. Craft Kits

An easy craft kit or puzzle book that she can take to reduce boredom in waiting rooms is a very thoughful gift. Having something to take her mind off waiting and wondering will be very much appreciated. 

See my puzzle books here.

4. Silk Flowers

Flowers are often a go-to present when we're not sure what to buy, however they can take up time and energy. And there is nothing worse than looking at dying flowers in a vase. Why not buy her some silk flowers instead? The quality of fake flowers these days are so much better than ever before - even better than the real thing. 

5. Herbal Teas

It might not be the first thing that springs to mind but a gift of specially chosen herbal teas shows that you really have been thinking about her and what she may need. Ginger and liquorice are known for their anti-sickness properties.

Included in our Relaxing Hamper.

6. Hats Or Scarves

If she is having treatment and may lose her hair then a hat or silk scarf could be a really great gift. Not Another Bunch of Flowers sell these novelty but fabulous hats specifically for this purpose and are highly recommended. 

Thanks for the mention, Netmums! I stock beanies packaged as pretty roses, scarves and soft cotton berets. All are 100% cotton and breathable.

Bold Beanies

7. Slippers

A lovely pair of slippers for home, or non-slip slippers for hospital are another great gift that will be very well received.

All of my slippers have non-slip soles - a must for hospitals, particularly when delicate after surgery or treatment.

Totes Slippers

8. Cosy Blanket

A cosy blanket is a wonderful gift for her to snuggle up with at home, or to bring to hospital.

I have these Couch Quilts, which is a thin, cotton duvet and has matching pillows. I love them! Make sure whatever you get is breathable cotton.

9. Books and Magazines

I have included magazines in some of the gift packages.

10. Box Sets

I'm not so sure about this one as so many people have subscriptions to online box sets with the likes of Netflix and Sky,  many people watch them on tablets and don't have DVD players and you might not know what they have and haven't seen. However, if you know that they have a DVD player and are aware of a series that they haven't seen, but would love, then it would be a lovely gift.

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Meredith - October 9, 2017

Wearing pink does nothing. Offer to clean her house, wash her car, walk her dog, make her dinner. Everyone buy a wig and then wear them and give them to her at the end of the day. Offer to take her for errands, do her shopping. These things help if you can’t afford to donate to her favorite charity. Lipstick is a good gift, a cozy blanket, a really good book. Be thoughtful to her needs. Wearing pink or buying something pink is no good. I’m fighting breast cancer now and I speak from experience.

Emma - February 23, 2017

This is a fab list of ideas im so glad I came across it, I have just lost my daddy due to lung and stomach cancer and while he was poorly in bed we brought him lots of dvds, crossword books and 1 of the best things I bought him was a ‘v’ shaped pillow he even took to hospice, he loved that pillow. Now my friends mum is recovering from a mastectomy so this gives me ideas of what I can get for her, her daughter my friend helped me with my daughter the day of my daddy’s funeral and I will never forget her kindness. Thanks Clare ?

Valerie Baker - December 10, 2016

I am pleasantly surprised at the great ideas that is posted. My favorite cousin is having surgery Tuesday and I’m worried about her comfort and mental well being before and after this serious procedure.I will use these ideas to purchase her a gift this weekend. Thank you for your research and heart felt advice.

Lauren - October 30, 2016

Well it is 1 of my teachers and I really don’t know what to do. She is kind, sweet, thoughtful, etc. I would get her a card but I don’t want to shower her with gifts. I am sure lots of teachers are giving her gifts already. And we are taking a day to support her. Everyone is wearing pink.

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