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Little Mention in Your Home Magazine

Thank you so much for this lovely little mention in Your Home magazine this September 2014

"October is Breast Cancer Awareness month - a chance to raise money for a disease that has no doubt affected the lives of many of us in one way or another. is a fantastic website dedicated to thoughtful gifts that those going through cancer will be able to use, and will treasure long after a bunch of flowers have wilted. The site was founded by cancer survivor Anikka Burton after her stay in hospital in 2011 when she received dozens of bunches of flowers, food gifts that she couldn't eat and beauty products that she unfortunately couldn't use. 100% of the sale cost of Pixie's Happy Bags and Promise Vouchers goes to charity and with other gifts such as Burt's Bees pampering kits and comfy e-reader stands, you'll find something they'll truly appreciate."

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