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Why Bold Beanies Make A Great Get Well Gift

Why Bold Beanies Make A Great Get Well Gift

Bold Beanies make a thoughtful and useful gift for someone embarking on chemotherapy treatment. They are gorgeously soft, comfy and breathable beanies and make perfect sleep caps, liners under woolly hats and scarves or simply as a pretty hat. They were designed and are made in the UK by my friend Emilienne who went through breast cancer a couple of years before me, and was a massive support to me.

Her youngest daughter was just 7 months old when she was diagnosed at the age of 31. The following year was a rollercoaster of scans, hospital visits, operations, chemotherapy and of course emotions.

She lost her hair during chemotherapy and felt very cold, especially at night and struggled to find suitable headwear. Scarves would slip in bed and she found woolly hats too itchy and hot. She wanted to cover up for her family and to keep warm – and needed something soft and simple, yet stylish, to slip on around the house and wear in bed… the idea for Bold Beanies was born.

These are the best beanies I have found and I am really pleased to work with her and support a friend who has been through the same terrible experience as me, but has used the experience to help others.

Bold Beanies



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