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Last week I wrote a blog for Suburban Turban about gift ideas for cancer patients. I just wanted to return the favour by telling everyone about their wonderful website. They are a great little business selling beautiful and fashionable hats for hairloss whether through alopecia or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. I didn't lose all of my hair during chemo as I used the cold cap, but I lost most of it and had some bald spots, so lived in little headscarves during the day and Suburban Turban's sleep hats at night. They were extremely soft and comfy and secure.

They have a gorgeous range of hats for all occasions -they even have a bridal range! If you are experiencing hair loss for any reason, I definitely recommend looking at their website for beautiful hat inspiration. Having the right headwear gives you back some of the confidence and femininity that loosing your hair takes away from you.

If you would like to see my blog on their website please click here, or continue reading below:

Get Well Gifts For Cancer Patients

With flowers being the quick and easy ‘go to’ option when someone is ill, and with many hospitals now banning flowers, what is the best gift for a loved one facing cancer? Obviously the most important thing you can do is to be there for them, help out whenever you can, listen and give them a big hug when needed. However, many people also like to send a token of their love and support, so rather than inundate them with flowers, why not send a more thoughtful gift that will stand out from the rest?

When I was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago I was overwhelmed by flowers from well-wishers. It gave me a real boost on my down days knowing that so many people were rooting for me, but the flowers sent or brought to me in hospital were confiscated as they are banned on the wards – and the flowers I received at home soon died while my treatment went on and on…and on! This inspired me to set up Not Another Bunch Of Flowers – handpicked pretty and pampering get well gifts that are a bit more thoughtful, useful and longer-lasting than flowers.

When you’re poorly and either recovering from surgery or going through treatment, your home comforts become really important. It’s also difficult to find ways to treat yourself, as you might not have the energy to travel and socialise, massages and beauty treatments are off limits and food can lose all of its appeal, so a bit of home pampering and ‘me time’ becomes  a real treat. I have picked gifts to help patients feel cosy and comfy along with some lovely pampering treats that are safe for use during treatment. They are all gifts that would be nice to receive normally and nothing clinical, as we have enough of that with all of our hospital treatments!

When picking gifts you also need to be wary of the ingredients used as many patients will choose or be advised to avoid certain things. Some choose to avoid dairy and sugar. Many become quite sensitive to beauty products and conscious of the chemicals used in them and switch to more natural, organic products. My gifts are selected with this in mind.

My top 5 bestsellers are:

Chemo Care PackageChemo Care Packages. I have had so much lovely feedback from patients who have received these little gift sets. They contain useful things such as natural sweets to help with nausea, pretty berets and beanies, cooling pads and natural refreshing body sprays for hot flushes and nail kits full of goodies to help protect finger and toenails during treatment.

Cosy Pyjamas and Kimono Robes.  Much prettier and comfier than the standard issue hospital gowns and a bit of a treat to replace the tatty old dressing gown at home. Luxurious nightwear injects a bit of fabulousness and femininity whilst being forced to lie among drips and bed pans. Also great for recuperating at home as it feels wonderful to slip into a fresh pair of pyjamas when you’re stuck in bed for days at a time. 

Natural toiletries. The most popular range I stock is completely organic and natural and was specifically formulated for cancer patients. When buying beauty products as a gift for a cancer patient, you need to avoid heavily-scented products which can cause nausea and be careful with the ingredients as skin can be very sensitive and the patient may have switched to more organic and natural products. The pampering goodies on Not Another Bunch Of Flowers include a relaxing bath oil, soothing balms, a cooling facial mist and body spray. Our natural lavender pillow spray is great for hospital stays to naturally soothe and relax while masking the distinctive hospital smell.

Couch Quilt And Pillow SetCouch Quilt and Pillow Sets.  Perfect for snuggling up on the sofa or to make a hospital or hospice bed a bit more homely.

Get Well Soon TrayTrays. I have a variety of trays including beanbag laptrays which are really useful for resting your laptop on, reading or eating in bed. However, my favourite is this one. It has a spot for a bell, tissues, soup and brave little soldiers – all to be enjoyed in front of a bit of daytime TV.

 For more information and inspiration please check out the gifts on


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