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Why are men more difficult to buy for?

Why are men more difficult to buy for?

Why are men so hard to buy for? Buying gifts for other women is never a problem. You will always find something - something to wear, a keepsake, something to eat - there is always something on offer.  But for some reason, men just seem impossible. It’s not helped by the fact that if they actually need something new, they simply go out immediately and get it. The thought of browsing, pondering, taking time, suggest ideas to other people just doesn’t seem in their mind-set. So, you normally find that when it comes to asking them what they need or like, they either already have it or don’t really have an opinion.

Gifts For Men

So with Father’s Day fast approaching and zero ideas of what to buy him and no suggestions from him, we thought we would provide you with some inspiration:  

Is it just us or are flamingo images everywhere at the moment. Our 100% cotton UK Flamingo Handkerchief Set is the perfect gift for those gentlemen who wish to remain stylish despite the odd sniffle. The cheeky design will raise a smile too.

Let Dad take some time out and relax either in the garden or on the sofa with a good book or watching his favourite sport on a tablet. The Coz-E Reader is lightweight, transportable practical gift for a Dad who enjoys some quiet time.   

For some great gift ideas for kids to buy their ultimate hero, we really like the “Big Chocolate Hug" Chocolate Blocks or the “You’re The Bee's Knees” Keyring – perfect choices for little ones who want to make their Daddies smile.

And if the man in your life has been unwell, is in hospital, at home recuperating or just requires an extra bit of TLC at the moment – indulge him with some good old pampering. Our Men’s Care Package is handpicked to provide all the pampering products he will need for a little pick me up. 100% natural and using the best oil combinations to leave skin feeling, smelling and looking its natural best.

Or why not get a gift the whole family can enjoy. Our Afternoon Tea Kit comes with scrumptious diary-free ginger biscuits made in Dorset that everyone can indulge in…. and the tin can be used to keep 'man stuff' in once the goodies have been gobbled up.

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