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Please and thank you - vote for us. Voom 2016

Please and thank you - vote for us.

Having always watched and loved Dragon’s Den over the years, we were excited to learn that Virgin Media would again be launching #Voom2016. A competition for small businesses to pitch their business ideas to Sir Richard Branson to win a share of the £1 million prize fund to help their business grow.  Excited and fired up, the whole team at Not Another Bunch of Flowers are ready to give it our all.

Over the next 14 weeks, the competition will include a huge public vote, a 29-hour Pitchathon and a series of competitive face-to-face workshops. Plus, a big finale featuring Sir Richard himself. As you might imagine though, competition is tough. Last year there were over 2,500 pitches and just a handful of those made it down to the final stage.

Why it would mean the world to me and my business to get through.

Having started the business through my own experience, I have a real passion and vision for what I do and where I would like to see my business grow. Through my business I have been privileged to raise funds for a number of charities including Breast Cancer Care, Macmillian and Cancer Research UK. 

Investment in any business if you wish to succeed is critical but I feel knowing what our customers need, listening to their feedback is key. If Not Another Bunch of Flowers won some of the money I would invest in a new website to create a better experience for visitors and customers, helping more people to find the right gift for a loved one.

If you’re interested, watch our pitch video here

And please vote for us!

Thank you

Anikka & The Team


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