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Ideas for a present to celebrate 5 years clear? Touch Wood necklace

Ideas for a present to celebrate 5 years clear?

I have often been asked for ideas for gifts to celebrate the much longed for 5 years 'clear'.

Our range of 'Touch Wood' jewellery which included a necklace, bracelet and charm are thoughtful and unique gifts for those having reached their five year anniversary as it not only ties in with the traditional 5 year anniversary being celebrated with a gift made of wood, but also ideal for those who don't want to tempt fate - which none of us with a cancer diagnosis would dare to do! My husband bought me my touch wood necklace during my treatment and I loved that I could subtly 'touch wood' every time I was asked how I was doing or feeling, but it has only just struck me that it is not only a lovely gift for someone going through a tough time, but also a unique and thoughtful present for someone who has been declared as 5 years 'clear' (touch wood!).

Click here to view the range.

Gift For 5 Years Clear

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