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The Importance Of Adopting A Natural Skincare Regime For Cancer Patients

The Importance Of Adopting A Natural Skincare Regime For Cancer Patients

Many cancer patients are warned of side effects such as sickness and hairloss, but very rarely are they told how many chemo drugs can affect their skin, nails and lips.

Chemotherapy is very harsh on all cells - including your skin - and dry, sore, sensitive and itchy skin are very common side effects.

My skin suffered really badly during my chemo. I suffered from 'chemo burn' on my hands and feet where the skin literally burns off. My feet were red raw, bleeding and painful and I could hardly bend my fingers they were so chapped and sore. I had been warned about the effect on nails and I used an oil on my fingernails and painted them in a dark colour. I managed to hold onto them, but I neglected my toenails, and unfortunately lost a few of them. My lips were also terribly dry and chapped. I took very good care of my face and body, and luckily had no problems with them.

So I know firsthand how important it is to take care of your skin during treatment. It might not seem like a big thing in the grander scale of things, but to lessen the nasty side effects and feel more like 'you' can make a real difference. Besides, who doesn't like to pamper themselves!

Defiant Beauty

The Defiant Beauty range is completely natural and organic range that is specifically formulated for use during treatment for cancer with safe ingredients. The range includes scalp care, face and body products, hand and foot balms, nail oil and mask, a cooling spray, pillow spray and a lovely bath oil.

To view the full range, please click here.

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