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Endorsement from Professor Justin Stebbing

Endorsement from Professor Justin Stebbing

Professor Justin Stebbing

I was so honoured (and more than a little chuffed!) to receive an email from Professor Justin Stebbing saying what a great idea my little website is. His mother is a regular customer and has been very happy with the service and products received.

Professor Stebbing is deeply revered in the cancer world and is the go-to oncologist for many celebrities, those with private healthcare and patients lucky enough to live in his catchment area to be treated by him on the NHS. He is involved in many of the leading research studies and drugs trials. Plus, those of my friends who are lucky enough to be treated by him, say he is the nicest doctor ever!

Professor Stebbing says 'I would like to say what a wonderful idea this is. Such a clever idea to think of useful things that patients would find both appropriate and memorable to keep through their treatment journey.'



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