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Sad news about one of my lovely customers...

One of my lovely customers has passed away from ovarian cancer this week. Kerry was only 27 and married her fiancé just 4 days before she died. So sad. I was in tears when I found out and I hadn't even met her!

Sadly, she was originally misdiagnosed, which is all too common amongst us younger women, but was given the awful diagnosis last July. They were hopeful after surgery and treatment that she would be OK, but the cancer unfortunately returned and spread and 9 months later was told that the doctors had done all that they could, at which point she was moved to a hospice and married her husband, but died only 4 days later.

Her husband, Adam, is doing a skydive to fundraise for Target Ovarian Cancer and is campaigning for earlier diagnoses.

If you would like to read Kerry's story, please click here.

If you would like to donate to the cause in memory of Kerry, please click here.


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