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Gift Ideas For A Poorly Person For Christmas.

I was going through treatment and surgery over a birthday and Christmas and was avoiding dairy and unnatural toiletries, so buying a birthday or Christmas present for me was probably quite difficult! But what is a good gift for someone who is poorly or going through chemotherapy over Christmas?

While I was going through treatment and recovering from surgery, home comforts became really important to me, so I loved anything that made me feel all cosy and snugly and warm. And I loved candles and natural bath products for a bit of relaxing 'me time'.

You don't even have to be poorly to appreciate some of the gorgeous gifts on my site! I have handpicked only the best quality products that I would give to any of my close friends or family - or like to receive myself.

My top picks for Christmas gifts are:

Hush Luxury Dressing GownThis incredibly soft and luxurious dressing gown. Unfortunately you can't see how soft it is through the screen! But trust me, it is so soft and cuddly and will be very much appreciated. It is soft grey in colour and comes in 2 sizes.


Hush Vintage Rose Pyjamas

You can't go wrong with pyjamas during the winter months! These gorgeous, soft brushed cotton pyjamas come in a lovely little bag and are available in polka dot, vintage floral and a pretty birdie print. I also have some more lightweight cotton pyjamas available. If you are buying for someone who has had surgery. Anything above the waist and below the neck, and button front PJs are a must as it is difficult to pull other tops over your head.

Heart Sleepy Set

Available in five vibrant colours, this brightly coloured Hearty Sleep Set will keep your loved one cosy and snuggly - ready for a good snooze. It comes as a set of a hot water bottle cover, eye mask and earplugs and was inspired by a scene in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. The hot water bottle cover and eyemask are also available separately. A special gift set for anyone who likes their home comforts, seeking a snug and cosy sanctuary. 

This Green & Spring Indulging Birdcage gift set is presented in a pretty birdcage box. All that is needed for a relaxing 'me time' bath - bath oil, bath foam candles. Bliss! Inspired by English country gardens, the Indulging range of bath and body products blends the delicate scent of rose and the sensual fragrance of jasmine with the comforting and restful properties of elderflower and red clover and contains 100% natural botanical ingredients.

Silver Jewellery

My husband bought me this touch wood necklace and I LOVE IT! The perfect gift for those who are a little superstitious and want to avoid bad karma whilst ill or as a 'finished treatment' gift. Touch wood charms were used by soldiers on their uniforms in World War One and they were 'touched' for good luck. This pretty silver sterling necklace has a wooden disc of walnut to touch for good luck. I wear mine every day and subtly touch my wooden disc when I reply to the frequently asked question of how I'm doing. "Fine, thank you very much" (touch wood!). 

Beenbag Lap Tray

This high quality, pretty and versatile lap tray has a non-slip beanbag base that moulds to your lap allowing you to comfortably use a laptop or tablet, read a book, write a letter or just enjoy a meal in front of the television from the comfort of your bed, sofa or armchair. Available in a range of vintage floral prints, polka dots, bright floral prints and graphic prints.

Queasy Drops

Queasy drops are a great stocking filler for anyone going through chemo or on medication that makes them feel nauseous. They are a natural and tasty way to ease a queasy tummy. These are also great for morning sickness, travel sickness and even hangovers!


Defiant Beauty Toiletries

Another awesome stocking filler for those facing cancer this Christmas. These 100% natural and organic toiletries have been specifically formulated for use during chemotherapy and radiotherapy when skin can be very sensitive and many ingredients in off-the-shelf toiletries are a big no-no. These products still allow them to pamper themselves over the festive season. 

Caro London Dressing Gown

This beautiful, feminine and luxurious robe from Caro London will bring a bit of glamour back into anyone's life. It comes in a gorgeous floral print and is 100% cotton (very important for poorly people as will not irritate skin and is a breathable material.


Coz-e-reader Ipad cushion

These are our top seller at the moment - pretty floral cushion stands for iPads, iPad minis, kindles and all other tablets and e-readers. My husband bought me one of these when I was going through chemo and I used it every day while I streamed hours and hours of Dexter and Breaking Bad via my iPad. We still use it every day - when watching films and TV series in bed or on the train - or when I am reading a recipe off my iPad in the kitchen. Love it.

Don't forget that gift wrapping is included. If you purchase a Christmas gift and would like it gift wrapped, please leave a comment at checkout asking for Christmas ribbon. I have a lovely selection of Christmassy ribbons all ready to go!

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